10th April, 2014

“I’m afraid I’ll never finish college. I’m afraid I’ll finish college with student loans I can never pay back. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree and won’t be able to find a job in that field. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree, get the job I dreamed of, and hate it.”

— A Mental Illness Happy Hour listener whose list of fears matches mine four for four. (via khalakki)

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(via Ramblings and Rustlings)

9th April, 2014

The longer I am in college, the more frustrating the whole experience becomes. We are told to pick a major for a future profession when we are eighteen, maybe nineteen? Yes, majors may change, but I am still only in my early twenties. So what? I have four years to get my life goals planned out and successfully accomplish them? The longer I am here, the more average I feel every day, the more discontented I become, and the more uncertain my future seems. Everyone seems to be able to do everything better than I can. I am finding my passions in life may not be careers I am cut out for in the future. And also debt? If I go to college, I am looked down upon because of the debt I will have upon graduating. If I had not gone to college, I would have been looked down upon for not furthering my education. Our generation cannot win. We are dreamers who do not want to be confined to four years to figure out our lives, yet we are caught in this trap society- previous generations- have set for us. Will we ever be free from this confinement?